Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Ok second time for this post, darn my double clicking habits.

So I may have said this before but photoshop is actually starting to click in my head, its all coming together, Thanks Bruce.

Looking forward to seeing Mr Quinell-Hill tomorrow I missed him last week.

Doll x

Lovely Leather

So my lovely cerise lamb nappa skin has arrived. I took it out of it's most unexciting wraping, a brown envelope!!! of all things. And I admired it for a good while, its beautiful, a rather HOT pink though. I was initially thinking that I would just make one hat for my final collection in leather but considering how much I got perhaps one or two maybe in leather. Possibly even stretch to a hat in the future for a lovely lady who likes pink.........there must be a few of those in the world.
What ever shall I do with my lamb nappa, why turn it into a vintage inspired headpiece of course... I'm sure photos shall be added sooner or later. Hopefully I will squeeze some making time into tomorrow.
Doll x

Friday, 4 March 2011

The Beginning of the End.....

I have started making my final college. My Marylin inspired hair towel turban is all but finished, all it needs is lining. So far I am please with what I have created, it does look very vintage 1940s. So considering I was meant to be updating vintage 1950s, in a way I have made it look more vintage, if thats possible?!?! So far very excited about all the things I can't wait to create. Not sure how many will be suitable for the races?! A turban at the races? Go on. Plenty more hats in the sea ;)

Where have I been?!?

Well it's been awhile, hasn't it. So what has been happening with me. I created and finished my french hat museum competition hat. I haven't uploaded any photos yet, as I'm keeping it under wraps. But I am please with it, although I'm not sure whether it's artistic enough. It's practical yet beautiful, I'm sure that will come across to the judges........I'm not sure how long it will take for them to announce who has won what. I spent along time on the lining, I made two different ones, the first one was too busy. And it had been horrible to sew. Take two was much better, as you will see from the photos (when I upload them :) ).
I was back to college this week (02/03/11) we had a good lesson on photoshop. I have previously been taught photoshop, but I don't think I retained all the information though. Thankfully our photoshop tutor Bruce (doesn't look like a Bruce) took things at an easy to follow pace. So we took our first baby steps on the road to creating our postcards and business cards. I am itching to get to it, I'm not very patient. I want to start handing them out, saying this is me, this is my business.......