Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Business Studies

Today was the Business Studies hand in and do you know what? I handed it all in, done. Big tick next to that on my list.
Although it was rather a stressful day, tears, giddyness, design and a little bit of hat making. I managed to cobble together a few bits but found it hard to concentrate, everyone is tired, a bit grumpy and if like me run down. Poor John is wasting away. I unfortunately am not! Also I have just realised I have no free weekends until the exhibition. Urgh, woe is me.

Chin up Dolly......Next time I promise to be more positive.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Wetherby Races Ladies Day 19th May 2011 Evaluation

My table set up.

So today is Friday and yesterday was Wetherby!! Very tired and my feet feel like they may never be the same again, but for those shoes it was worth it.

So evaluation....................

I was pleased that I had done a trial run for my table plan, although my kitchen table is a lot smaller than the one we were provided with. This was good news as it meant more hats on the table. For the first fashion show I was back stage dressing the models so I have no idea how it went, it seemed to go well from our end. The second time I got to witness it and take some photos, although my camera was on a go slow so some are rather blurred or feature the back of the models head. I did manage to document some of the day though.

Everything seemed to be on a constant go go go. It felt like as soon as we had done one show, it was time to do the next. I was rather disappointed with some peoples behaviour backstage, drinks were left lying around and puddles just waiting for things to be dropped in to. It wasn't too professional.

So what did the hats look like on the models? I love all my hats apart from my leather hat which I wasn't happy with before yesterday. But after seeing the models face when asked to put it on I was even less happy. But on a positive note I think everyone seemed to like all my other hats and I didn't get any negative feedback from anyone. :)

Sunday, 15 May 2011

This Darn Hat

So currently having some problems with my pink leather hat. I'm just not happy with it. It's too big and clumsy. I wanted it to look delicate and sit close to the head. Instead its big and fat with a look of the 16th century about it. Grrrrrrr.
Last night I was ready to throw all my toys out of the pram. But I changed my mind, no point getting angry about it. Not all your ideas work out first time around. So tomorrow I shall be ordering a felt and re doing it! Although just had a look at a certain website delivery prices, bloody rediculous. I don't believe paying over the odds for postage.
Back to that hat, I shall be taking it with me to college on Wednesday to see if everyone else thinks it's a terrible as I do.
Chin up and keep smiling :)
Doll x

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Final Collection

So things are moving on with my final pieces, although none are finished yet! I'm good at starting them and getting to a certain point but at the moment that is my sticking point. Four have been started and got to that point, they all need little bits doing to them.
My four hats so far :

No 1 Turban
No 2 Leather Rose
No 3 Wicker Balls
No 4 Mirror Leaf

But in my mind I would like to expand my little collection. It's three weeks on thursday to our business launch. THREE WEEKS! Plenty to do, I am keeping cool calm and collected! Fingers crossed for happy faces tomorrow!
Doll x