Saturday, 11 December 2010

Pop Up Shop So Far 11/12/2010

Some shaky photos.

Well things didn't start too well this morning when I arrived at the 'shop' my hats seemed to put under a table or strewn on a hat stand that wasn't suitable. Most upsetting. Over the past two evenings I hadn't sold a thing. One of my pieces hadn't been put out because it seemed too cluttered with hats! It was a hairband. So myself and John changed everything around, some hats are now on the wall, giving people a change at least to look at them.
Although this morning it was rather quiet and only a few items seemed to be selling, none of them hats. We had to go out and hand out flyers although this wasn't very successful. The building is close to the centre but tucked away, so not very noticeable. I suggested that it would be a good idea if a pop up shop was to happen again it should be in the centre of Leeds. If I do participate in another I need to think about whether my hats will sell. I tried to make things that I thought people would want to buy, for a good price. My most expensive hat is £48, which for a hand made lined hat is a good price.
It's not even the end of the day and I feel dejected. We have to go back at 3pm to collect our unsolded items. Fingers crossed my next post will be more joyfull.

Doll x

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Snow Day (01/12/2010)

Well the weather and other factors have meant that there is no college on today. Which is a shame as I was rather looking forward to blocking silk which will be moved to next weeks lesson. This afternoon I will be watching how to marry a millionaire, watch this space for sketches. Fingers crossed the weather doesn't get any worse as we are off to The Big Smoke tomorrow for a day of lovelyness. I want to visit the ballet russe exhibition and the dior illustrations at Summerset House. V excited.

Doll x

Recycled Hat (24/11/2010)

I went up to my attic the night before college and collected up some items to get creative with. I used a wooden head to pin my items to. I really enjoyed getting creative this way, I went back to my fashion degree days and used some moulage (manipulating fabrics on a stand or head).

Pop Up Shop Preparations

So I have been frantically creating one off lovely pieces for the Pop Up Shop. I have used class time to finish off some felt and sinamay hats. The hats I have created I feel would apeal to a wide selection of people and are very affordable. They would make a smashing Christmas gift.

I hope to see you there.

Doll x

Leather Hat

My leather hat started so well, I chose the button block and a peice of grey leather. I used the suede side on the leather with a seam running down the middle. If I had managed to create this beauty it could of been one of my favourites. My downfall was buckram which wasn't strong enough, then I double layered it which improved the situation. I blocked my leather and the cut off the excess, although I didn't leave enough leather to fold over, this is where it went wrong again. I cut into the excess to fold it over. Glued it down and papercliped it in place. And I wasn't very happy with the end results. I would like to take another stab at making a leather hat, maybe once I have gotten over this initial disaster.

Doll x

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Monday, 22 November 2010

Pop Up Shop The Correct Dates

Jolly excited here. Myself and the lovely Mr Westwood-Hill have been accepted for the college POP UP Shop which will be help at the college on the 9th/10th & 11th of December. Best get saving now ladies and gents. I'm sure we will have a mix of extravagent and affordable. I have been busy already creating some vintage inspired pieces.Doll x

Tuesday, 16 November 2010


So I'm currently feeling in a little bit of a rutt when it comes to research, I seem to be finding a million and one other things to keep me busy (Christmas Hampers being one of them). But aswell as this naughtyness I can't help feeling abit stuck, my subject is broad. This is good and bad, I have too many things that interest and excite me. Therefore to help me climb out of my problem I am going to take an idea from University of looking at a film for inspiration. As you can imagine I have rather a few Miss Monroe films in my DVD cupboard. The one I want to watch first is 'How to Marry a Millionaire' Lauren Bacall is beautiful in this film. I need to spend a Saturday watching it and sketching (stuff the washing my weekend is planned).
Hopefully this will move me forward with my research...........
Doll x

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Plastics (03/11/2010)

Well today was a plastics workshop which last night I was rather excited about, today was an altogether different story. Our tutor for the day was lovely, but it seemed like we had to rush through too many different processes. It felt as though I was just about to get started on making my hat pin and we had to leave what we were doing and start something else and so on and so forth. So consiquently I have many little half finished bits of things to put in my samples book, but I doubt I will ever go near plastics again. The same I feel won't be said for my fellow milliner John Westwood-Hill-Quinell as soon as he saw the fluro acrilic he knew he was in for a good day.
I think it would of been benificial if we all made hat pins or all made a head peice out of plastic and then sigh up for another drop in session if we wanted to explore more processes.
Me and plastic don't mix.

Dolly x

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Camera Action Film?

So after reading October's Vogue magazine from cover to cover on holiday (this is possibly a first) and really rather enjoyed it. I read an article all about buttons and once they have fallen off a garment its like part of that items soul is missing. I love buttons, but I must have alot clothes that need some tlc.
The main article that caught my eye was one which was all about fashion houses using film to advertise there collections. While walking to college yesterday I have many ideas of how I could use this for my final collection. I'm thinking of a black and white film, along the film noire lines..........its a smokey cafe in the 50s a handsome man waiting for someone. A woman walks in, she isn't who he was expecting. She is really beautiful, immaculately dressed with a fabulous hat, gloves and shoes. What will happen next?
We cut to our end of year fashion show its high energy upbeat music, beautiful models struting down the catwalk.
I think we need to attract people in to our exhibition, last years display was good. But for me we need something to pull people in, music and a buzz.
Plenty to think on.
Dolly x

Friday, 17 September 2010

Wednesday 15/09/2010

Back to college today, feeling a bit nervous and excited. All this wasn't helped by a train delay. I arrived to college in one piece but a little late. We started the day by writing down what we wanted from our 2nd year. I still all abit undecided but I'm looking forward to doing business studies and fingers crossed (yes please) setting up my own millinery venture.

So this year we have three briefs from Sharon

  • Research
  • Business
  • Final project

plenty to get my teeth into there. We also have to do 2 live briefs which can be anything from competitions to a hat for me!

I'm really excited about what I'm going to achieve this year.


Monday, 13 September 2010

1950s Film Magazines

Some really lovely original 50s images which are really exciting and inspiring. So excited to get started now! I will keep you all posted.

Doll x

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Marylin Monroe

So at the weekend I spent alot of time looking through my books on the above Miss Monroe. I think she is quite fabulous. I love the well known fact that she cut one shoe heel shorter than the other to give her the famous walk. I'm strongly feeling that I want to focus on her for my project next year. She wasn't much of a hat wearer, but its her that would be the strong influence on my designs. Her clothes and her look. She was styled to be an icon.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Wedding Illustrations

Two very lovely illustrations by my very talented friend Mr Daniel J Robson.
I know for a fact he has slimmed me down and made me look very sultry, this is probably why I love it so much.