Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Wedding Illustrations

Two very lovely illustrations by my very talented friend Mr Daniel J Robson.
I know for a fact he has slimmed me down and made me look very sultry, this is probably why I love it so much.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Shoes, Bag, Hair, Hat, Make up

So my favourite era is that 1950s anyone who knows me or someone walking down the street could probably tell you that. But is this totally predictable? Do I follow the route that I feel most drawn to? Are we meant to go for something totally obvious, the fifties was probably one of the last decades where most people wore hats. I like the idea that a hat was a key item of their outfit.

Millinery Year Two

So next year is the big massive uber year, trying abit of everything (and not just millinery wise). We will be learning new skills and through all this we focus on our final project (I'm already upset by the word final!) Sob.......
Research is going to be key for the foundation to create some amazing hats. I need to pick something that will hold my focus all year. Either this could be fab ( 1950s here we come ) or terrible. I know I love certain things, but then I'm a very changeable person. What next?
I think a purchase of a lovely new sketch book is in order. So far all I have managed to do research wise is collect clippings from a certain daily newspaper that I often find plonked next to me. In saying this the images aren't very diverse. Mainly heads of state or religious figures (not sure I want to go down that path).

Monday, 12 July 2010

Wedding Outfit Thoughts

Well I'm having abit of pre wedding outfit drama.......I'm going to a wedding on the 23rd July and so far I've made two hats and combined them into one, but I forgot to check whether they actually matched my wedding outfit. They don't! My mother-in-law told me to wear my 'gold thing' sorry dress(see above), but even then I probably wouldn't be able to beathe the whole day.
So I have opted for something I've never worn before, but I feel rather mumsy in it (I have so far counteracted this with uber black platforms, skinny heal). I need a fabulous hat to go with mumsy! I have raided the trimming company for pink items, but now I'm not sure I'm a pink person?! I have worn a black hat to a wedding before, I was the only person wearing a hat there ( I was obviously morning the lost of hats at weddings ). But is it bad taste to wear a black hat to a wedding? Not today.
Fingers crossed that I can whip something up asap, otherwise I may have to resort to the lovely (cough) range of fasinators at M & S.
On a lighter note I am very much looking forward to the wedding.