Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Why we like to look?

So it's a Tuesday in April. Lovely sunshine outside as it has been for the past week or so......for part of that week I was in the beautiful city of Venice (it was warmer there than it is here). And do you know I forgot to take my sketch book with me, although often when I'm sketching in public I feel like I'm putting on a show. People like to take an interest in my doodles.....I'm no fine artist.

Why is it that people like to look? I don't know but I did in Venice, a girl with a very hip look was there with her sketch book and what did I do but take a big nosey old look. I guess being observant is part of life. My Nan used to like sitting upstairs on a double decker bus so she could see into peoples bedrooms. I'm exactly the same. I'm a nosey parker. Maybe thats why I'm creative I like looking at things, discovering something new?! Knowing something you don't know............................


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