Wednesday, 3 March 2010

22nd of February 2010 Starting the Project

I understand I'm a little bit delayed in writing this up already. But stay with me I'm only new to this whole game. Our little group of student milliners went on a trip across the road to Leeds University. There we visited an exhibition marking 125 years of Marks and Spencer, we had a talk from a very enthusiastic lady (she works in the Leeds store accessories dept) she talked us through from the beginning of M&S until now. The exhibition is only very small, but worth a trip. I will post pictures up next, I promise. I was very taken by a beautiful floral 1950s number (what a shock) that was very much of the Christian Dior new look style.
If you are following this you will gather that I have a love of all things vintage and mostly the 1940s/50s. For my last project I looked at the 1940s and I used my Grandma as my muse/model. Once I received this project back photos will follow.
We glemmed a few tit bits of information from our talk, that the M&S archive is moving from London to Leeds next year. So this means that if your a fashion student looking for inspiration from the past you can go there and look at an original piece of that era. I am chomping at the bit to get in there already.
Keep your eyes peeled for photos to follow and my next post which will be all about tiny books and eating too much chocolate.

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