Friday, 26 March 2010

The Cloche

When we think of the 1920s one hat springs to mind the cloche. "As short hair became more general small close fitting hats were obviously appropriate, and in 1923 the cloche appeared, These hats, with their deep crowns and narrow brims, were pulled down to the eyes, obscuring half the wearer's face and all her hair with the exception of a curl or two on either cheek. Trimming, flat and rather restrained, consisted usually of ribbon or material in contrasting colours" ( I will have a bibliography at the end)
The cloche is a contrast to the hats worn before the war, simple and elegant without the fuss of piles of exotic birds and plenty of trims. It went hand in hand with the rest of the early 20s fashions, women wore straight flat dresses that focused on the hips. They emphasised the hips with embroidery, sashed, ruffles or with hip length jackets. As the design of these dresses was so simple pattern and prints were very important, designers took inspiration from Japanese Kimonos. These dresses were often heavily embelished with beads and sequins.
Although in the later half of the decade possibly due to the popularity of Coco Chanel's simple sportswear embelishments from men's clothing became design features on womens clothes. Withs men's clothes its all about the small details, items froms mens clothes that appeared on womens dresses were:
  • pockets
  • buttons
  • belts
  • double seams
As well as these details taken from men's clothing other details in this period included:
  • Brooches
  • Buckles
  • Clips

these were worn on hats, lapels, shoes and collars. Other fashion boundaries were broken, once again due to Chanel, fashionable women start to wear black. No longer is it seen as only to be worn when your in morning.

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