Monday, 10 May 2010


As you can see from the pictures from my In Vogue book there was plenty of wide variety of headwear in the twenties. I have already talked about the cloche which seems to be the most memorable peice of the era. But I think there are a few other lengendary items.......

The Tiara
In the early twenties there was a great influx of Russians escaping the Bolshevicks, half of the women ended up working in major couture houses. At this point tradditional Russian embroidery became very popular, the House of Kitmir embroidered Chanel dresses. This new Russian influence brought new ideas to western fashion, they used a mix of fabric and fur. There was a new trend of dresses and coats embroidered and lined or trimed with fur.
'The most popular feature of Russian national costume was probably the northern Russian Kokoshnik, a festive headdress that influenced tiara design and came to epitomize, with the cloche, the hats of the 1920s.'
Although by 1925 Russian folk art had lost its cool, Art Deco became popular along with other cubist styles.

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