Monday, 10 May 2010

Some quotations I enjoy......

'Everything in the twenties was done after a cocktail, to jazz.'

Evening wear.....'for evening there are diadems or bandeaux of silver leaves or gold tissue.'

Josephine Baker '......the length of her graceful body, which is light sealskin brown, is swathed in a full blue tulle frock with a bodice of blue snakeskin......she wears an enormous diamond ring and a very impressive diamond bracelet. Her hair, which naturally grows in tight curls, is plastered close to her head with white of egg and looks as though it was painted on her head with black shellac. As she appears at the Folies Bergeres, one is struck by her great decadence of line. When, for the finale, she wears only a diamente maillot of tulle and red gloves with diamond balls hanging from the tips of her fingers......' John McMullin
Josephine Baker was obviously a very confident woman who took control of her body and lead the way for other black performers. I would of loved to of seen her banana outfit.

'We practically live in bathing suits and coconut oil' Me'raud Guinnes, 1927
Chanel pioneered the sun tan, this went hand in hand with the other fashion of swimming.

'To lose weight has become an obession' In Vogue
So this is where it all started, the twenties began our obsession with staying slim. The twenties silhouette was one of a boyish slim figure.

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