Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Mrs Amy Woollard

Thats it folks I'm a married woman now. It was a beautiful day in Conwy, North Wales. We couldnt of asked for better weather, everything went completely to plan. Apart from one thing which some thought may stress me out but I was calm until about ten minutes before. This was around the same time that our Hotel manager told me that she has 422 pairs of shoes, including two pairs of unworn Jimmy Choos, so very jealous.
The ceremony was lovely, all the way through I thought Alex was about to cry but he was just trying to hold back the giggles. My outfit worked perfectly if I do say so myself, it was me down to a t. I spent the evening dancing and drinking my Brother's excellent Conwy Breweries Rampart Safe to say I was a little bit worse for wear the next day.
For our mini-moon we spent a couple of days in Beaumaris, this included a trip to the Victorian Gaol. I don't recomend this as a romantic trip, it was interesting though.
Photos to follow........

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