Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Millinery Year Two

So next year is the big massive uber year, trying abit of everything (and not just millinery wise). We will be learning new skills and through all this we focus on our final project (I'm already upset by the word final!) Sob.......
Research is going to be key for the foundation to create some amazing hats. I need to pick something that will hold my focus all year. Either this could be fab ( 1950s here we come ) or terrible. I know I love certain things, but then I'm a very changeable person. What next?
I think a purchase of a lovely new sketch book is in order. So far all I have managed to do research wise is collect clippings from a certain daily newspaper that I often find plonked next to me. In saying this the images aren't very diverse. Mainly heads of state or religious figures (not sure I want to go down that path).

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