Thursday, 14 October 2010

Camera Action Film?

So after reading October's Vogue magazine from cover to cover on holiday (this is possibly a first) and really rather enjoyed it. I read an article all about buttons and once they have fallen off a garment its like part of that items soul is missing. I love buttons, but I must have alot clothes that need some tlc.
The main article that caught my eye was one which was all about fashion houses using film to advertise there collections. While walking to college yesterday I have many ideas of how I could use this for my final collection. I'm thinking of a black and white film, along the film noire lines..........its a smokey cafe in the 50s a handsome man waiting for someone. A woman walks in, she isn't who he was expecting. She is really beautiful, immaculately dressed with a fabulous hat, gloves and shoes. What will happen next?
We cut to our end of year fashion show its high energy upbeat music, beautiful models struting down the catwalk.
I think we need to attract people in to our exhibition, last years display was good. But for me we need something to pull people in, music and a buzz.
Plenty to think on.
Dolly x

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  1. I love your thoughts - glad your back at college! We can now cook up a storm!