Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Plastics (03/11/2010)

Well today was a plastics workshop which last night I was rather excited about, today was an altogether different story. Our tutor for the day was lovely, but it seemed like we had to rush through too many different processes. It felt as though I was just about to get started on making my hat pin and we had to leave what we were doing and start something else and so on and so forth. So consiquently I have many little half finished bits of things to put in my samples book, but I doubt I will ever go near plastics again. The same I feel won't be said for my fellow milliner John Westwood-Hill-Quinell as soon as he saw the fluro acrilic he knew he was in for a good day.
I think it would of been benificial if we all made hat pins or all made a head peice out of plastic and then sigh up for another drop in session if we wanted to explore more processes.
Me and plastic don't mix.

Dolly x

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