Saturday, 11 December 2010

Pop Up Shop So Far 11/12/2010

Some shaky photos.

Well things didn't start too well this morning when I arrived at the 'shop' my hats seemed to put under a table or strewn on a hat stand that wasn't suitable. Most upsetting. Over the past two evenings I hadn't sold a thing. One of my pieces hadn't been put out because it seemed too cluttered with hats! It was a hairband. So myself and John changed everything around, some hats are now on the wall, giving people a change at least to look at them.
Although this morning it was rather quiet and only a few items seemed to be selling, none of them hats. We had to go out and hand out flyers although this wasn't very successful. The building is close to the centre but tucked away, so not very noticeable. I suggested that it would be a good idea if a pop up shop was to happen again it should be in the centre of Leeds. If I do participate in another I need to think about whether my hats will sell. I tried to make things that I thought people would want to buy, for a good price. My most expensive hat is £48, which for a hand made lined hat is a good price.
It's not even the end of the day and I feel dejected. We have to go back at 3pm to collect our unsolded items. Fingers crossed my next post will be more joyfull.

Doll x

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