Thursday, 20 January 2011


Feather Flower

Feathers Galore

A Burnt Feather
By placing a turkey feather into either milton solution or diluted bleach for 10 seconds taking it out rinsing it and then sterilising it in lemon juice or vinegar you get the above effect.

Feather Pad

Vintage Feather Hat
This is an example of what you can create using feathers on a dior net base. I have used this technique before but on a hairband.

Curled Feathers

Feathers, beautiful and luxurious. We were given demonstrations on how to work with feathers. If you want to curl a quill, it's best to soak it in hot water first to soften it up. It is best to curl the quill with a wooden chopstick or knitting needle. Or once it has been soaked you could pin the feather to a table and mask/pin it into position.

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