Thursday, 13 January 2011

Machine Embroidery and What I call wash-away.....

After having previously done machine embroidery in the past with the aid of a embroidery foot and a steady hand I thought I knew it all. But today I learnt something new, to use an embroidery hoop to hold your piece in place. Which I have never done before, and I learnt this technique originally from an embroidery graduate! As they say you learn something new everyday. So I used my new knowledge to create some lovely little label on petersham ribbon to stitch inside my hats.
The second technique we were shown was wash-away or I think its real name is aqua film or something along those lines. You place it in your embroidery hoop and get going on the machine making sure to catch all you stitches so it doesn't unravel. Once you have created your design wash away the plastic film and your left with just your pattern, which could be used as an embelishment.

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