Friday, 21 January 2011

How do I make this modern?

So I need to make my idea more modern and not create hats that are exact replicas of 1950s ones. From my research I noticed that Louis Vuitton's collections have many fifties influences including the big skirts. These skirts are big full skirts, but instead of being cotton they are made from leather. I enjoy the contrast and twist which this gives a vintage looking item a breath of fresh air.
This is a good idea which was brought up in my group tutorial on Wednesday. Since then I have been thinking how I could take this further. I enjoy the contrast between new and old. Or even an abandoned block of 1970s flats that have been taken over by plants. Things being reclaimed by nature. But I think this is a whole new idea that I think could last me another year.
  • So back to Marilyn
  • Prints of modern buildings as the lining
  • Machine embroidered geometric shapes on felt
  • Unusual embelishments

Things to think about, I obviously want to keep the idea of feminity. I want these pieces to be delicate and beautiful. But still modern and new.

I best get snapping some buildings.

Doll x

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