Sunday, 9 January 2011


Earlier on in the year we did both screen and disperse dying. I haven't done disperse before but found the end results interesting, especially the ones that are raised when dry.
I have previously done screen printing before and each time the process seems to have got more h&s concious. I like the effects that you get from screen printing, but the time and effort that goes into it maybe too much. Maybe if I had a specific lining design that I would use for all my hats, but I can't see myself limiting my linings to one design.
When I have finished the course I wont have the access to dye or to the screens. I enjoy the process of dying, but I can't see that I would use the process for my hats. Unless I want a specific print on my lining for my final collection. Which if I did I would most probably use the digital print machine, which looks rather exciting. Although obviously I won't be able to use this process after finishing the course.

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